Italian Running Tech: Mizuno and Lamborghini Collaboration Delivers Comfort and Style

Mizuno Wave Tenjin 4 Review

Combining running tech with head-turning Italian design, this co-branded shoe from Mizuno and Lamborghini is a sure fit for fans of both brands. They’re a great option for runners with moderate heel strike who need stability and comfort.

The Tenjin offers next level comfort whether you’re running on a track or the pavement. Its design provides a snug fit with plenty of wiggle room for wider feet.

Infinity Wave Technology

The Infinity Wave plate uses different height waves to support the foot, which reduces overpronation. This is especially beneficial for people with flat feet, which are prone to developing this condition. The shoes also have a fan-shaped X10 carbon rubber that provides excellent traction on any surface.

The specialized X10 carbon rubber is what really sets these shoes apart from the competition. It is extremely tough, which makes them more durable and helps prevent abrasions in high-wear areas of the shoe.

These running shoes are the result of a collaboration between Mizuno and Automobili Lamborghini. They combine cutting-edge running technology with classic Italian style. The shoes are available now at Mizuno concept stores and online. They’re sure to impress your friends when you run in them.

X10 Carbon Rubber

X10 carbon rubber is a long-wearing material that helps to increase the durability of the outsole. It also offers improved traction on various road surfaces.

Located in the middle of the shoe, the wave plate efficiently absorbs and disperses impact forces. The resulting dynamic cushioning gives you a smooth ride that is both responsive and stable.

Lateral is the side of a shoe that faces away from the arch. It’s the opposite of the medial side, which is where most stability devices are located.

Mizuno’s U4ic midsole material is a light, responsive and durable material used in most of their shoes. It is an excellent choice for those who run in neutral shoes or who overpronate. This material is molded to fit the foot and improves stability.

SmoothRide Technology

These shoes have a lot to offer for their price. They have great stability and comfort, as well as a strong and durable design. They are made with a specialized X10 carbon rubber that helps to prevent abrasions. The X10 carbon rubber is also responsible for the durability of these shoes.

SmoothRide is a workflow solution that utilizes core Topcon technologies such as the RD-M1 vehicle mounted road resurfacing scanner and Sitelink3D paving management software. This technology helps to reduce a contractor’s need for costly lane closures and provides a more efficient way to complete milling and paving projects.

The RD-M1 is easy to install and uses intuitive software to collect surface information safely from the cab of a vehicle. This allows the contractor to know exactly how much material to use and stay within project yield limits.

Arch Support

The arch supports in these shoes are extremely comfortable and provide a lot of support. They are very durable and feature a special X10 carbon rubber that helps prevent abrasions in high-wear areas of the shoe. The shoe also has great breathability.

The main function of an arch support is to distribute weight evenly, which alleviates pressure on certain parts of the foot. It can also help reduce pain and improve balance and stability.

Foot arch supports are often recommended by podiatrists to treat a wide variety of foot and ankle problems. They may be over-the-counter or custom-made for specific foot conditions. They can also help relieve pain caused by everyday activities and sports. They can even help prevent injuries such as knee, hip and back pain.


The Mizuno Wave Tenjin 4 is a special edition running shoe developed in collaboration with the famous car brand Lamborghini. It features the same top-of-the-line Infinity Wave plate that other Mizuno running shoes have and a unique style that incorporates several automobile motifs. It also provides unparalleled cushioning.

These shoes have a moderate heel-to-toe drop of 13mm and are perfect for runners who like to focus on speed, endurance training and racing. They are ideal for track, asphalt and light dirt running terrains.

The X10 carbon rubber is blown in different sections for enhanced traction and transitions. Moreover, the declined forefoot grooves provide flexibility in the shoe, which is ideal for underpronators. These shoes are available in a wide range of sizes, which makes them easy to find a suitable fit.

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