Love, Friendship, and Family: Exploring the Characters of Naruto Anime

Characters From the Naruto Anime

Naruto is an anime that shows the importance of love, friendship and family. The story is filled with relationships, betrayals and wars.

Tenji Sama, a prince of the Land of Ancestors is tasked with fighting against a rival kingdom over land ownership. During this time he meets Kaguya Otsutsuki.

1. Tenji

Tenji was the emperor of the Land of Ancestors. He was a benevolent ruler who wanted peaceful negotiations with his enemies rather than fighting them. He is also credited with the invention of Japan’s first family register and code of law.

As the emperor of the Land of Ancestors, Tenji had many duties that often conflicted with his love for Kaguya Otsutsuki. Ultimately, he betrayed her in order to preserve peace with rival lands. This was a difficult choice, but one that Tenji felt necessary for the greater good.

He has a number of impressive powers including the ability to travel through space, hypnotise others, and erase memories. He is voiced by Christopher Niosi in the English dub and Yuya Uchida in the Japanese version.

2. Kaguya

While she is often referred to as being an alien, Kaguya appears to be quite human-like. She possesses a dark and deep expression, and can often be seen staring into the night sky.

She can create rips in the fabric of space-time. This allows her to attack an enemy from uncertain angles, teleport to their location or even drag them into another dimension.

She also possesses the ability to weaponise her bones, allowing her to launch her ash-like bones like projectiles, disintegrating anything she impales. In addition, she can use her long hair as a shuriken, firing needle-like strands of chakra at opponents. She can also telepathically control the minds of individuals, as she did when she controlled Hamura and forced him to fight his brother Hagoromo.

3. Sasuke

Despite being the heaviest hitter in Team 7, Sasuke is also one of the most ruthless. Seeing his clan murdered by his Big Brother Itachi, Sasuke is a man driven to gain power for revenge.

He was a member of the Uchiha clan, and he is able to copy the Sharingan bloodline limit. Despite having a bad attitude and superiority complex, he is a highly skilled ninja.

A decent DS game for Naruto fans, but not so much for everyone else. The story is a little short, but there are plenty of modes and extras to keep players interested. The fighting is fast-paced, but the platforming sections could have been better designed. The controls are a bit unwieldy, too. The game does have some cool special attacks.

4. Kizashi

Kizashi is Sakura’s father, he was never seen in the anime but he was revealed in the sixth Naruto Shippuden movie Road to Ninja. He is an awsome looking shinobi and he’s always making funny gags for his daughter. He’s a very dedicated father to his daughter and he loves her a lot.

When he was alive he was a very accomplished shinobi and he was a well-respected member of Konohagakure. He was married to Mebuki Haruno and they had a daughter called Sakura.

During the Genjutsu World storyline, Sakura and Naruto meet their parents in a different universe. They reunite and then help the Tobi to escape from Menma. When they return to their reality, they inform Tsunade of what happened. This helps them re-establish their bond with each other.

5. Mebuki Haruno

With the advent of Boruto, fans got a chance to see what happened to their favorite characters after they grew up. Many paired off, settled down and started families. Some even became emperors!

Tenji is one such character. He served as the emperor of the Land of Ancestors. He was at war with the Land of That over land ownership. Kaguya was his lover. He betrayed her in order to avoid a war. She then ate the fruit from the God Tree and used Infinite Tsukuyomi to defeat his soldiers.

While Kizashi and Mebuki are a power couple, they’re also very much like a pair of supportive parents. They instilled a dedicated work ethic into their daughter, Sakura.

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