Tennis Classes and Programs at Fox Valley Park District: From Beginner to Advanced, We Have Something for Everyone

Tennis Classes and Programs at Fox Valley Park District

Fox Valley Park District has several outdoor tennis locations that are available for use on a first-come, first-serve basis. These courts are used for recreational play and district sponsored classes and programs.

How long does it take to become decent at tennis? It depends. Much like skiing, a child who learns at a young age will have a different comfort level on the slopes than an adult who starts as an adult.

Beginner Tennis Class

Beginner Tennis Class introduces players to the fundamentals of tennis, teaching them to hold the racquet correctly and a variety of stroke motion techniques. Players will learn to track the ball, develop balance and agility, and build a foundation of skill production needed to serve, rally, and score.

This lesson is suited for newcomers to the sport or beginner players who are able to sustain a gentle rally with their coach from a close proximity. The beginner tennis lessons focus on establishing proper footwork patterns such as a split step before approaching the oncoming ball and developing consistent stroke movement to improve court awareness.

The Adult Intermediate program is designed for the player who has graduated from 1-2 sessions of Beginner tennis. This level introduces more advanced skills to increase confidence and control over ground strokes. Players will improve their overall game with competitive drills and live point play instruction geared towards developing complete tournament players. Added movement to the groundstrokes becomes a key component at this level as well as basic doubles strategy.

Intermediate Tennis Class

Designed for players who have graduated from the beginner level, these sessions build on stroke fundamentals while improving agility and balance. Players will learn the five main strokes (forehand, backhand, volley, overhead and serve) in a fun social setting that builds fitness through games and drills.

Intermediate means that a player can hold their own on court with another player of similar standard. This is based on a number of factors including their ability to rally consistently in the service boxes and the understanding that they need to work harder at developing their technique to improve their shots.

Instructors will use red tennis balls which bounce 75% less than a standard ball and reinforce grips, preparation, swing paths and match play tactics on a full-size court. Players learn about spin and positioning in singles and doubles. Class is taught by a CRFC certified USPTA tennis professional. Minimum of 5 participants needed for classes to be held.

Advanced Tennis Class

Advanced tennis requires complete development of a player’s technical, physical and mental skills to become world class. Reaching this level also requires determination and persistence as many hindrances can come in the way of a player’s goal to excel.

For example, a tennis player aiming for advanced tennis should practice a series of drop volley drills regularly. This drill involves the coach feeding six balls to one student who must hit each ball and meet it below the net. This drill will allow the student to improve his or her accuracy and consistency in hitting the shot.

Another advanced tennis drill is a side pocket drill. This drill involves the coach serving a variety of different types of serve. The student must then return each ball and shout out the type of serve. The student will repeat this drill until he or she can hit each of the five serves accurately and consistently.

Junior Tennis Class

Whether your child is just starting classes or already plays on their school’s team, our junior program offers a full development pathway. Our acclaimed John McEnroe Tennis Academy, housed at Sportime Randall’s Island, and led by world-class coaching staff, develops competitive junior players that compete at sectional, intercollegiate, and international levels.

The Junior Kinetic program, divided into groups for ages 6 to 8, provides a fun and kinetic introduction to the game through drills such as relay races and “King or Queen of the Court.” Juniors also hit hundreds of balls each week in small group sessions with a low player-to-coach ratio.

The Red Ball program introduces kids to the game of tennis using a games-based approach, preferably alongside their parents. Orange ball works up to a slightly smaller regulation size court and uses green balls with lower pressure than a regulation yellow ball. Groups are divided by age and skill level. Private lessons are available for all students based on full registration.

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